Fuck Me - A Photobook

Writing this description was really hard. I mean, I know exactly what my project is about and I feel like I could easily write about it forever. But the "problem“ is, that a lot of people are going to see it. People that I really look up to. Like, photographers that I admire, my professors that I want to thrill or fellow students that I somehow want to be part of but always seem so different. And I just want to be seen as a serious photographer who does serious work. But I’m not. I see my work as selfish and narcissistic. And although, I sometimes wish it was different, it’s still what it is. So I decided that I will just stick to myself and go through it, as honest and vulnerable as I'm able to. 

Fuck me, love me, misread me. You have the right to do everything you want with my words. In the end, it doesn’t even matter because I'm going to do it anyway. The only thing that is left under my control is to stay true to myself and to put it out there for you. 

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"dienacht" Publishing (Sold out)
196 pages
Open binding
Offset printing
Print run: 1250 copies


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