Its so scary to share these notes..
I mostly write them down in a few minutes without thinking about it much, just to get it out of my head. And most of the time I don’t even agree with my own words afterwards.
But thats exactly why I share them in the first place. I was trapped in my mind for so long, worrying what other people might think about every single detail of me. And showing such private things helps me to realize that nothing bad happens after all. Most people have their own problems and don’t even think about others for too long. I love this and its so freeing. But I still worry a lot about what you might think, so I will continue to share stuff that makes me feel uncomfortable and ashamed. Just don’t take my words too serious. Thank you:)


Check out the art of my friends <3

This post is inspired by Wikitoria Jung 

Monster Children

I would have never thought that I could say this, but my all time favorite magazine Monster Children published an online piece with some of my photos and the stories behind them. You can’t imaging how excited I am for this. You might think that its not much of a big deal, but I’ve spent so much time going throught their website and magazines in the past, that it feels unreal to see my own stuff up there. So much love to all my friends and photography and Monster Children <3 

Click here to check it out!

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