So many people send me messages asking me how old I am. And I never answered them because I always felt a little bit ashamed. I felt like my photos, my thoughts and my whole being doesn’t really match my age. And I definitely felt like I should have accomplished more than what Ive done by now. But I don’t want to feel bad about anything anymore. Im 24 and I can’t change it but I can change my thoughts about it. So I will try to accept that its okay that Im completely in love with my pictures and that Im obsessed with poetry and song lyrics, like a 14 year old girl. And when Im honest with you, I don’t want to change anything of that. I would die for all the stuff that I love. And I think the first step to feel better about it is to be open. It probably doesn’t sound much to you but its a big thing for me. Thank you for listening to this unnecessary (at least for you) stuff and being kind. It really helps me to get along<3

What I’m working on right now

I’m studying photography in Dortmund, Germany, currently working on:

  • Photographing, writing and reading
  • Putting a little book together with all my previous work
  • Becoming friends with my social anxiety by going out and photographing my actual friends
  • Getting rid of the fear of what people might think by sharing my thoughts and feelings that I’m most uncomfortable with

Actually, all these points are just one big try to become the person that I want to be.

This post is inspired by Derek Sivers


Im still going through all my pictures for my book and its really exhausting because the editing makes me sad and excited at the same time. Ive found so many pictures and notebook pages that are so personal.. Like I always got the most excited when I took a shot and thought, “this will be just for me and I will never show it to someone.” When I developed at the university, I always ran from the darkroom to the other room where they appeared after processing, because I was so afraid someone would look at my negatives (although, no one cared at all). I think its because sometimes I wish my stuff was a bit different, like I wish I was a little bit “cooler” and not that sensitive and romantic. But when Im honest I really like being sensitive and not that cool at all. I think I will just do it anyway when it comes to publishing. I mean, the right people will get it.

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