Monster Children

I would have never thought that I could say this, but my all time favorite magazine Monster Children published an online piece with some of my photos and the stories behind them. You can’t imaging how excited I am for this. You might think that its not much of a big deal, but I’ve spent so much time going throught their website and magazines in the past, that it feels unreal to see my own stuff up there. So much love to all my friends and photography and Monster Children <3 

Click here to check it out!

In love

im just completely in love with taking pictures. it’s the first thing i think of when i wake up and the last thing i think of when i go to sleep. i know it’s crazy but i’m happy.. so whatever. 

took these while simon was getting a new haircut by linda đź–¤

Frequently asked questions about equipment

I just answered a question on Tumblr about equipment and lost the thread pretty quickly

I felt a bit sorry afterwards, so I thought I just make a post about all the frequently asked questions about my equipment:)

What cameras do you use?

For film, mostly a Minolta X 300, a Yashica FR and a little Olympus XA.

For digital, I use a Fujifilm X Pro1.

What lenses do you use?

I prefer 35mm lenses. But sometimes I use 50mm in low light, because I don’t own a fast 35mm lens.

What film do you use?

Mostly Kodak Gold 200 or Kodak Ultra 400. I never really cared about my film because I always feel that when I scan it and edit it afterwards, it all looks the same in the end. At least in low light :) 

Do you develop your film on your own?

No, unfortunately not. I just take them to my local drugstore.

What scanner do you use?

I own a CanoScan 9000F Mark2 and Im completely in love with it.

What program do you use to edit your pictures?

I use Lightroom for all my editing and to archive my photos. I’ve never really learned how to use photoshop.

How do you manage to take pictures on film in low light?

I don’t have a “trick” or anything. I just use a fast lens, like f 1,7, and choose a low aperture, like 1/30 or 1/15. I don’t even use high iso film, because its just too expensive for me. When I scan the film, I try to make it as bright as possible and if its necessary, I make it even brighter in Lightroom afterwards.

Hope that helps a little bit <3

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