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A while ago I answered this tech related question on Tumblr. I’ve lost the thread pretty quickly and felt a little bit sorry afterwards.

The thing is, I still get a lot of questions about this topic, although I wrote about everything a few times in the past. So I thought I will just make one post where I answer all the frequently asked ones together.

What kind of camera and lenses do u use?

I have a lot of old 35mm cameras but I usually use these three: Minolta X300, Yashica FR, and an Olympus XA. I used to shoot a lot with an Olympus OM-1 and was completely in love with it, but I gave it to a girl I liked as a present. I will probably buy a new one in the future because I miss the camera more than the girl. And I prefer to shoot with 35mm lenses, but sometimes I use a 50mm lens.

What film do you use?

Mostly Kodak Gold 200 or Kodak Ultra 400.

What scanner do you use?

CanoScan 9000F Mark 2

How do u properly expose night or interior shots with your film photography? 

I have no “trick” or anything. I just use my fastest lens (F 1,7) and set the aperture to 1/30 or 1/15. Most of the time I even use 200 iso film at night because I can’t afford more iso :( but its actually pretty okay.. and after I scanned them I just make them brighter in…

Hey, how do you edit your analog photos after revealing them? Lightroom. It really depends on the picture, but I try to do as less as possible. Here is a normal editing process:



Its really not much.. here are the settings:

And thats it :)

I wanna get into film but don’t really know where to start or what type camera to get. help?

The most common film cameras to start with (in my opinion) are the Canon AE-1 and any Minolta X camera. But I think it doesn’t make any difference at all with what type of 35mm camera you start. It depends on what you like to shoot, flash or not, daylight or night, etc.. and most of the time you don’t know these things when you just start out. So just go on Ebay and buy one of the cheapest you can get and you will pretty soon know what you like and dislike about your camera.

I hope thats everything. 

Much love, Josh


Im still going through all my pictures for my book and its really exhausting because the editing makes me sad and excited at the same time. Ive found so many pictures and notebook pages that are so personal.. Like I always got the most excited when I took a shot and thought, “this will be just for me and I will never show it to someone.” When I developed at the university, I always ran from the darkroom to the other room where they appeared after processing, because I was so afraid someone would look at my negatives (although, no one cared at all). I think its because sometimes I wish my stuff was a bit different, like I wish I was a little bit “cooler” and not that sensitive and romantic. But when Im honest I really like being sensitive and not that cool at all. I think I will just do it anyway when it comes to publishing. I mean, the right people will get it.

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